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Wilderness First Aid Course in Wyoming with Wyoming CPR: Your Gateway to Outdoor Safety


Discover the rugged beauty of Wyoming’s wilderness with confidence by enrolling in our Wilderness First Aid course, brought to you by Wyoming CPR. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, adventurer, or nature lover, being equipped with essential life-saving skills can turn your wilderness exploration into a safer and more fulfilling experience.

What's Included?

  • Immersive Wilderness Training: This course goes beyond traditional classroom learning. You’ll be immersed in realistic, hands-on scenarios that mirror actual wilderness emergencies. This experiential approach ensures you gain the practical skills needed to respond effectively when it counts.

  • Certification for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Upon successful completion, you’ll earn a Wilderness First Aid certification recognized by leading organizations. This credential is invaluable for hikers, campers, hunters, and anyone who seeks adventure in Wyoming’s untamed landscapes.

  • Local Expertise: Our instructors are passionate outdoor adventurers with deep knowledge of Wyoming’s wilderness intricacies. They’ll share local insights, tips, and best practices that are vital for thriving in the Wyoming wilderness.


Course Curriculum

  • Fundamental Wilderness First Aid: Master core principles such as scene safety assessment, patient evaluation, and the art of prioritizing care in remote settings.

  • Injury Management: Acquire essential skills to handle common wilderness injuries, including cuts, burns, sprains, and fractures. You’ll also learn improvised splinting and effective bandaging techniques.

  • Medical Emergencies: Recognize and respond to medical crises specific to outdoor settings, such as heat-related illnesses, hypothermia, and allergic reactions.

  • Environmental Hazards: Learn how to navigate environmental hazards like snake bites, insect stings, and exposure to poisonous plants safely.

  • Emergency Evacuation: Gain the knowledge and strategies to plan and execute emergency evacuations in challenging wilderness terrains.


Who Should Attend

Our Wilderness First Aid course is tailored for a diverse audience of outdoor enthusiasts:

  • Hikers and Backpackers
  • Campers
  • Hunters
  • Adventure Guides
  • Nature Enthusiasts
  • Anyone Exploring Wyoming’s Untamed Wilderness

Course Duration

Our comprehensive course spans two days, offering ample time for both theoretical knowledge and hands-on application of wilderness first aid skills.

Why Choose Wyoming CPR?

  • Local Insight: Our team understands the unique challenges posed by Wyoming’s wilderness. Our course addresses these specific concerns, ensuring you’re well-prepared.

  • Practical Skills: You’ll leave with practical, life-saving abilities that can truly make a difference during a wilderness emergency.

  • Certified Expertise: Earn a recognized certification that bolsters your outdoor credentials and gives you peace of mind when venturing into Wyoming’s wilds.

Enroll in Wyoming’s Wilderness Adventure

Elevate your wilderness adventures by joining our Wilderness First Aid course, proudly presented by Wyoming CPR. Become a confident and capable wilderness explorer while ensuring your safety and that of your companions. Register today to embark on this transformative journey of learning, exploration, and adventure. Your next thrilling Wyoming wilderness expedition is just a step away!

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